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At this blog, you can look over many past published resources.

I won't be updating any dead links, so I'll apologize in advance if you find any posts here that are no longer relevant. Though I'm certain you'll still find many goodies you can still use well.

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Money Coaching and Financial Education

Todd R. Tresidder developed a depth of experience to share on how the financial education game works. He's wasted literally hundreds of thousands of dollars learning these lessons, and he gives them to you here - for free.

Collect your copy of The Smart Consumer's Guide To Money Coaching & Financial Education

Todd wrote this book because he loves the money coaching business and how it helps many people transform their lives, but he deeply dislikes the bad reputation that some of the seminar and coaching hucksters bring to the table. Quite frankly, they are marketing machines pushing a marginal product. Todd wants to educate consumers so you can recognize a bad apple from a legitimate vendor and direct your business to the good guys (like me, of course :-) ).

This is a financial coach's tell-all guide explaining how to get the best value for your money in coaching, books, courses and much more. It is how you buy financial education that pays you more than it costs…

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I listened to an interview with Todd and it was a terrific way to get to know him better and how he thinks, as well as getting more of a feel for his commitment to you. Go to the blog archives at the link above, then go down to the May 2011 archives and on May 24 you get access to the recordings.

It's well worth your time.

Flow With Abundance And True Prosperity

Have you ever wondered how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life? It’s a life that is an integrated whole where you flow with abundance and true prosperity?
This place does exist…when you live a Divinely Inspired Life on Purpose. It’s a place where YOU create the values and purpose that will shape your entire being.
On April 20th, 2011 at 7pm ESD Nick Pfennigwerth from Creative Wealth Building has the pleasure of interviewing three time published expert author Dr. Brad Swift.
He is co-founder of Life on Purpose Institute and has helped thousands of people reinvent themselves to live a Divinely Inspired Life.
Register for the free event here.
Here are some of the topics that are going to be discussed:
1. Common mistakes people make when looking for a life purpose, fulfillment, peace, and happiness…
2. Why live a life on purpose…
3. Practical application for living on purpose…
4. Life purpose and its relationship with attracting money…
5. How a life purpose immensely improves your life…
6. How to live and integrated and whole life where your purpose and values shape your money, relationships, health, spirituality, etc.
…and there’s much, much more.
The event is a Teleclass with available phone lines and Webcast access. However, there are only 100 phone lines and 500 “web seats” available. So make sure you act now and sign-up for the FREE event.
Go to this link and start your Life on Purpose Journey.

NOTE: It is fine to sign up late, I know that my friend Nick will have more of these events and also give you several fantastic free resources related to attracting money into your life, once you add your details to receive his news. 

What does it take to become an outright success?

The truth is, when most people talk about passion, they only give you one piece of the puzzle.

What does it really take to become an outright success?

Is it passion?

According to this Academy of Over 25 of the World’s Leading Business Coaches, it’s exactly that.

However, they say there’s more to it than meets the eye…

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What they don’t tell you is this…

Even if you do what you love, that doesn’t GUARANTEE that you’re going to make money!

What if you have no business skills, or no product to sell?

For a limited time only, Chuck Goetschel and his Personal Passion Formula Business Academy are giving away their FREE video help you effortlessly monetize your passion.

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Winning The Inner Game Of Money Free Encore

If you missed out on John Assaraf's amazing 'Winning The Inner Game Of Money" Encore Webinar last week I've got important news for you. There was such an overwhelming response from the thousands of people watching live... and all raving about the amazing training he delivered and how much they LOVED interacting with him LIVE in the chatroom, he's decided to do something very special.

He will be holding one very last Encore viewing this Thursday, December 2nd, at 6pm EST and 6pm PST.

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This is your very last chance to get this astonishing FREE training information (that really could change how you look at and attract money for good) and interact with John LIVE.

If you've seen "The Secret" you already know what an amazing and inspiring person John is . . .

You know how he transformed himself from a street kid to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, speaker and teacher . . . and how he's helped thousands of people around the world break past their subconscious mental blocks and create amazing wealth, prosperity and success in their lives.

Now John is using his over 20 years experience working with the Law Of Attraction and his deep knowledge on the Neuroscience of Success to discover the real reason some people seem to attract love, power, success and wealth so easily while others continue to struggle and suffer.

On the live Webinar John pulled back the curtain on over a year of research he's done on how the subconscious mind "decides" exactly how much wealth and success you should have . . . register right here for the free webinar

See you there,


P.S. This is your final chance to get this astonishing FREE training information (that really could change how you look at and attract money for good) and interact with John LIVE.

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